Vital Injector

How does it work?

Vital Injector is a non-invasive intradermal injecting device using a syringe. It maximizes the treatment effect and shortens the procedure time by adopting 5 multi-Needles.



Vital Injector injects drug accurately and equally by adopting 5 multi-Needles. Its safe vacuum technique minimizes drug loss and alleviates pain by improving the speed of needling. It is the system with the convenient needles and a removable syringe.




A . Design of Trigger
The trigger is designed to maintain the center of gravity of the device and inject steadily while handling for the treatment.

B . 5 Multi-Needle
Maximizing the treatment effect by adopting 5 Multi-Needles! Convenient removable Multi- needles system, alleviating pain by improving the speed of needling.

C . Various types of Syringes are applicable
4 syringe types(1cc, 2cc, 3cc & 5cc) can be applied and highly compatible.

D . Display Panel
It shows Information for the treatment like the number of injection, the depth of needle penetration, drug dosage, and the operation mode, etc.

E . Move Forward & Back Button . Standby/Ready Button
Control button.

F . Position Holder
Stable performance of the syringe pusher by installing the screw shaped fastening device.

G . System cable
You can charge it on the provided cable mounting charger.

H .Main Body
The LCD touch screen enables you to control the number of injection, the depth of needle penetration, drug dosage, the operation mode, and the speed/vacuum Level.

I . Filter
Hygienic maintenance with regular changes of filters located in the lower part of the product.


Main body
Power cable & Adaptor


Needle Information 31 G, 5Pin Multi Needle Type
Needle Penetration Control 0 ~ 5 mm (Interval 0.2mm)
Syringe Type 1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc
Operation Mode Intermittent, Continuous
Voltage & Frequency DC 12V or DC 24V, 50~60 Hz
Dimension (W x D x H mm) Injector : 303 x 51 x 175
Body : 232.6 x 247.9 x 126
Panel Injector LCD : 1.4 Inch
Body LCD : 4.3 Inch, Touch Screen
Weight 2.4 Kg (Body + Injector)


A. It can be prickling because it is a needling therapy, The treatment is generally performed after applying skin anesthesia.

A. Yes, you should use the vital injector standardized syringes(1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc). Using non standardized syringes can cause malfunctioning.
A. If you use up drug, the injector monitor shows the message “The syringe is empty.” and the device will be on the Standby mode. Then you press the retreat button to retreat the position holder, release the syringe from the holder and remove the syringe. The used multi-needles should be disposed.

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