Duet V

How does it work?

Duet V is a device that can treat not only skin but also the vagina through connection with a face handpiece or a vaginal handpiece. Duet V system generates deep heat using 4MHz high frequency. This will improve skin resilience by inducing the remodeling of collagen on the treatment site. It can also increase fibroblasts to produce new collagen. Duet V is a device with low downtime for an effective procedure with safe and satisfying results.

RF Technology for Vaginal

Vaginal system

Thermal RF system
Thermal RF system
Thermal RF system

RF Technology for Skin

Thermal RF system

The Non-pole Thermal Transmission Structure (NTTS) delivers uniform thermal RF energy to the skin layer without damaging the skin.

Thermal RF system

Fractional RF system

The Advanced Fractional Multi-polarity Radiofrequency (AFMR) delivers RF energy concentrated through each electrode to the skin.

Fractional RF system



A. Vaginal Handpiece
– Lifting & Tightening (Vagina)
– Temperature measurement sensor (2 types of operation mode)
– Shot mode + Rubbing mode
– Disposable sterilized tips

B. Skin Handpiece
– Treatment of various kinds of indications
– Dual RF system (Thermal RF + Fractional RF)
– Two types of procedure mode (Shot mode + Rubbing mode)
– Provision of various tips for effective treatment
– Temperature sensor

C. Easy insertion of the procedure tip
– Easy attachment of the tip to a hand piece using a L-shaped connection hole

D. Light and flexible cable
– The cable made of PVC is designed to operate smoothly with small movements for a careful treatment of a delicate area.

E. Wide touch screen + Interactive UI
– An appropriate UI is automatically selected depending on the tip type.


Ground pad
Ground pad
Ground pad


Type Bipolar Radiofrequency
Mono-Polar Radio frequency
Frequency 4 MHz ± 20%
Maximum Power 350 VA
Type of Tip 2 Vaginal Tips
2 Fractional Tips
3 Thermal Tips
Panel 10.2 inch, Touch Screen
Dimension(W x D x H mm) 450 x 541 x 1,220
Weight 26kg

Q&A (Vaginal Treatment)

A. Duet V procedure is suitable for women who want to improve not only urinary incontinence symptoms due to reduced shrinkage elasticity but also sexiness, sexual satisfaction and life satisfaction.

A. It may vary depending on patients. If you look at the overseas clinic trials, you can see that 80% of the treatment effect is maintained until even one year after the procedure.

A. It is said that the procedure can be carried out without anesthetic cream, and patients say it feels warm.

A. It is possible to return to daily life immediately after the procedure but it is recommended to avoid public bath, sauna, or sexual relations for about three days.

A. Vaginal treatments take a short time: approximately 20~30 minutes each.

Q&A (Skin Treatment)

A. In some cases, thermal RF treatment might be accompanied by a burning sensation and a slight flushing, but these symptoms will disappear within a few hours or days. Small scabs caused by fractional RF procedures can be removed after 5-7 days, and in most of the cases, it is possible to return to daily life within a week.

A. Thermal RF and fractional RF procedures require a short time of approximately 15 minutes.

A. In case of thermal RF treatment, a user might feel a slight sense of heat, but it is not painful enough to require anesthesia. Fractional RF procedures can cause pain in the throat, but anesthetic cream can be applied if needed.

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