How does it work?

The device, spot clear, by applying a low-frequency current to the body ,can stimulate the skin. Also, making temporal hole to the skin, can penetrate the solution into deeper layer. Moreover, able to remove spots and freckles by generating temporal heat with high pressure-electric stimulation.


Spot clear

Optimize spot remover

The treatment should be proceeded on the dry skin. The treatment should be repeated until spots and freckles are completely removed.


Effective Solution Penetration

Apply a short, strong electrical pulse to create a momentary hole in the cell membrane to penetrate the effective component.

Low Frequency treatment

Facial lifting effects

It activates the metabolism of cells, recovers muscle contractions and aging, also boosts skin elasticity.



A . User-friendly operation panel
The operating panel enables the user to optimize the operating parameters according to the patient’s condition.

B . User-friendly handpiece design
Comfortable grip
– Status display LED- to check the status of the operation


Spotclear Main body
Y type handpiece
Spotclear Handpiece
electronic Mask


Applicators Spotclear handpiece,Y-type handpiece, Electroporation
Input Power AC 110~240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 3.59 kg
Dimension (L x D x H mm) 450 x 240 x 147 (Body)


A. Those who want to remove spots and targets for people wanting skin lifting or effective solution penetration.

A. child, Pregnant woman, person has a heart disease , a skin disease, abnormal blood pressure, a patient with a mechanical heart prosthesis, arrhythmia subject to arrhythmia or other significant heart disease patients, person with metal inserts in area of treatment, Suspicious lesion, tattoo, Autoimmune disease, a diabetic patient, person with immunity restrain symptoms or person who take immunity inhibitors.
A. Rub the tip of the handpiece on the spots or freckles area for 20~30 seconds.
A. Due to the skin regeneration process, the blemishes can be removed when the scab is formed and off. The scab will be removed after 3-7days.
A. Since the treatment is not proceeded with strong stimulation, so the risk is low. Therefore right after the treatment, can back to the routine but without excessive strain on the surgical site.

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