Hyper-Jet Single

How does it work?

The principle of the hyper-jet S treatment is extremely simple yet effective. The vibration of micro-tips at a high speed will give physical stimulation to the facial skin and expedite the absorption of nutrition molecules. Depending on treatment site, from the wide area such as body, scalp to the local delicate perioral, periorbital area, user can choose the size of the tip(Large, Small). The handpiece is designed to be portable pen-type, making it easier to carry around and self home care.


Hyper jet for skin

▶ Solution penetration effect
The tips move up and down repeatedly to stimulate the skin. micro-perforations on the skin surface created by microtips  allow to infiltrate effectively the solution into the skin with minimum solution loss. In addition, the natural body regeneration process induced by the micro-perforations promotes the cell activation function. As a result, this technique can solve your skin troubles and help you achieve healthy skin.

▶ Flexible Plate Techonology
Flexible Plate technology allows the application of the tip to move flexibly according to the epidermis and fits the face contour well, even if the handpiece is not set perpendicular to the surface of the skin.

This Flecxible Plate Technology guarantees even intensity treatment on any part of the face.

Hyper Jet’s red LED suppresses melanin synthetics and melanin pigment production to create a whitening effect..

Treatment Process

Hyper jet for skin

How to use

Hyper jet for skin


Hyper jet for skin


Hyper jet for skin


Hyper jet for skin


Device name Hyper-Jet Single
Power consumption 15VA
RPM (max.) 9600
Power Input 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 64g (body)
Dimension 134.2 (L) x 20.3 (DIA) mm

This device is a skin care device that has obtained KC certification.
* his device is a skin beauty device and is not a medical device.
It does not provide any medical benefits or effects other than cosmetic effects.