How does it work?

Wellspa can treat both body & face applying strong vacuum technology powered by uniquely engineered roll handpiece and dynamic ball handpiece. Wellspa is the ultimate body & face care system with its special vacuum, suction technology by physically deep into the skin.


Auto-roll applicator

Auto-roll applicator

Wellspa is a system to use only sonic pressure. Its auto-roll applicator gives powerful vacuum pressure to lift the fat layers to the maximum. The auto-roll applicator can move forward and backward with the electric roller and can be operated on the wide area with speed. There is the button changing the direction on the hand pieces for use convenience.

Ball type applicator

Ball type applicator

The vacuum function of Wellspa provides 4 different pulse modes. The ball applicator specially stimulates the fat layers with 8 massage balls rotating 360 degrees.

Facial applicator

Facial applicator

You can treat the small target area with the rectangle type and circle type of tips. You can get satisfying effects on the areas of the eyes and the mouth with the strong vacuum function.



A . Auto-Roll Applicatior
Large size auto-roll applicator pull the target area skin to enhance vacuum suction effect.

B . Ball Applicators
Powerful vacuum performance | Ball massage design | Specialized 3 type of applicators for facial, arms & legs and body

C . Facial Applicators
For small region care applicators | Powerful vacuum performance | For eye rims and corner of the mouth

D .Component-storage
There is a component-storage inside of the device to store the components and prevent any loss of the components.

E . Touch Panel, Easy and simple UI
Touch panel prevents any contamination on the outside of the screen. Easy and simple UI is applied for user convenience.

F . Slim and sleek body design
The device body is newly updated and designed slim and sleek in order to get rid of the old images of dull and heavy medical devices.

Clinical Images


Type Vacuum
Applicator Roll Applicator, Ball Applicators,  Facial Applicators
Panel 5.5 inch, Digital Touch screen
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 346 x 423 x 908
Weight 38 Kg


A. It depends on the target area. Treatment of the abdominal area takes average 20 minutes according to the protocol of treatment. Treatment of the arms and legs can take 10~15 minutes. Facial areas should be treated within 10 minutes.

A. You may feel a sensation of hand massage associated with the sonic pressure fulling the muscular layers of the skin.
A. You will be able to see a improvement one day after your treatment. You may experience minor swelling directly after treatment. You can decide the number of sessions after consulting with a medical specialist.
A. There are no special side effects because no electrical energy is applied. In very rare instances, some bruise may occur in the treated area but usually last only a couple of days.

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