How does it work?

Magicpot is a 2-in-1 system combining the stable multi polar frequency technique together with the vacuum function. It is nonsurgical and designed for safe treatments. With various sizes of the hand pieces you can treat the target area with care.


Updated Multi-polar radiofrequency technology

Updated Multi-polar radiofrequency technology

– Apply stable and updated multi-polar radiofrequency technology
– RF energy delivers thermal energy into dermal layer and deep fatty layer.
– Possible to control the intensity of RF energy

Vacuum Suction Technology

Vacuum Suction Technology

– Strong and stable vacuum performance
– Possible to control the intensity of vacuum
– Various vacuum pulse mode(Continuous, Fast, Regular, Slow)




A . Compact and simple body design
Magicpot’s unique pot-shaped design gives compact and sleek look.

B . Easy and simple UI
Easy and simple UI for easy operation.

C . Various sizes of Hand pieces + good grip
3 sizes(large, medium, small) of the hand pieces are provided to operate on the face and the body. It has good grip for user convenience.


Body handpiece
Alternative handpiece
facial handpiece

Clinical Images


Radio Frequency 0.8 MHz (Multi-polar RF)
Vacuum Range 140mmHg
Panel 69 x 49 mm Custom LCD
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 273 x 250 x 283
Weight 5.5 Kg


A. It depends on the target area. Treatment of the abdominal area takes average 20 minutes according to the protocol of treatment. Treatment of the arms and legs can take 10~15 minutes. Facial areas should be treated within 10 minutes.

A. Pregnant women, Patients with scars or infection on the treated area, People with keloid lesion, Patients with a mechanical heart assist device, People with sensitive skin, Patients with tumor, Patients with metal pins inside of the body, People with special conditions for operation
A. You may feel warm in the treated area and a sensation of massage associated with the vacuum pressure. There is no sharp and severe pain.
A. You may get temporary redness in the treated area but it will be gone within 2~3 days. Patients are expected to be able to return to normal activities without any downtime after treatment.
A. We recommend more than 3 sessions usually with an interval of 3 weeks. The treatment effects vary depending on each individual’s dietary control and exercise amount.

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